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At ISOLA you will find products that merge thousand-year-old Sardinian traditions with new artistic craftsmanship techniques. Every product takes you on a journey, on an endless exploration of materials, shapes, textures and techniques that our craftsmen’s skilled hands shape to make your experience simply unforgettable.

Every product is made with materials sourced from nature and our island:

  • Wool from our herds and natural fibres for stunning fabrics, rugs and tapestries
  • Wood for carved furniture and various other everyday items
  • Dwarf palm, wheat straw, asphodel, rushes and marsh grasses for intricate weaving work
  • Giant fennel for stools and dolls
  • Metal for sculptures and everyday items
  • Clay for original creations made by Sardinian ceramic artists.
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DSC00047 copia
  • Serie:
  • Materials: Argilla refrattaria, Smalto
  • Colors: nero
  • Year:



DSC00040 copia
  • Serie:
  • Materials: Canna, Olivastro, Mirto, Salice, Fillirea
  • Colors:
  • Year:



DSC 2696
  • Serie:
  • Materials: ceramica
  • Colors: nera
  • Year: 2015



DSC 2732
  • Serie: 8u8yh
  • Materials: Tessuto grezzo
  • Colors: Grigio
  • Year: 2012



DSC 2682
  • Serie:
  • Materials: argilla, smalto
  • Colors: Vari colori
  • Year:

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