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The art of textiles holds a very important place within Sardinian tradition and has created stunning and original rugs.

The great quantities of wool have actually driven the production of rugs since the Roman Era. In fact, the Sardinian rug was first created as a decorative piece to be placed above the marriage chest and later evolved to become a highly stylish and elegant furnishing.

Combining the loom with the exquisite and fine craftsmanship of Sardinian women has created rugs with different types of decoration and designs: geometric, plant, animals, heraldic and mythological.


There are five weaving techniques:


  • Pibiones” or grain: the yarn is twisted around an iron needle arranged horizontally on the loom, which is then removed to get the grains
  • A punt’e agu” or stitched: this is woven on a horizontal loom to create embroidery on the fabric
  • A stuoia” or smooth: a smooth weave that is created on a vertical loom;
  • A fiocco” or the bow and knot: this is created on an oblique loom;
  • A effetto trama” or weft-style: the warp threads are covered by the weft thread.


Every rug has a story and a different weave, which make it unique and original.

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