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Our wedding gift list has a wide range of fine, Sardinian artistic handicrafts to choose from, including pottery, jewellery, baskets and wrought iron. It is an original choice steeped in the tradition and colours of Sardinia, yet current and modern at the same time. You will have products made by the skilled hands of our master craftsmen at your fingertips, giving your new home a touch of sophistication and elegance.

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Tappeto in lana

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  • Materials: lana sarda, cotone
  • Size: 140x190
  • Price: 840,00 €

Tappeto in lana sarda realizzato su telaio tradizionale manuale con l’impiego di filati tinti con colorazioni naturali. Riprende i motivi tradizionali, con il bilanciato accostamento di vibranti cromie.  ...